Communicating With Decision Makers

Everyone has the right to communicate with government officials, and contacting decision makers of any kind is essential for creating social change.

The three main ways to communicate with decision makers are letters/emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Directories with contact information for those in leadership positions at the local through international levels can be found online. Before making contact you should identify who is best situated to address your concern, and research both the person you will be contacting and your issue. For all communications be respectful, to the point, and as personal as possible.


Phone Calls


For more information on how to communicate with decision makers, consider taking the innovation badges Introduction to Advocacy and/or Organizing an Advocacy Campaign. The Introduction to Advocacy badge has a section dedicated to building the skills needed to write to or call a decision maker. The Organizing an Advocacy Campaign badge has a component designed to prepare students to meet with a decision maker.