Submit a Proposal for Roundtable Participation

Proposal submission deadline: October 14, 2022

The Challenging Borders in Domestic and International Human Rights conference will explore and critically evaluate the borders that have been created in human rights research and practice. Albion College invites faculty students, staff and community leaders from GLCA and GLAA campuses and universities to interrogate the borders that have been built in the human rights field between the domestic and international and categories of rights.

Within the conference theme of challenging borders, we imagine four areas of focus: 1) identity rights especially focusing on race, gender, ethnicity and sexuality; 2) labor rights; 3) refugee and migrant rights; and 4) environmental and climate rights.

We are accepting proposals for two expert roundtables: One that addresses conference themes and a pedagogy roundtable focused on experiential learning. Proposals to participate in a roundtable require you to identify the roundtable you would like to participate in and to submit a description of the content you would like to contribute and your qualifications to do so.

  • 250 words or less
  • Please describe in up to 150 words your qualifications to serve on the expert panel on the topic you propose. You may also include web links to a personal website or CV.